Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Chardham Tours – The Spiritual Holy Spots of India


The word Char Dham literally means “four bases”. This name is given to the four pilgrimage spots in India. These spots are widely cherished by Hindus. These four spots are located in the four directions of India; Dwarka on west, Puri on east, Bdrinath on north and Rameswaram on south. The Hindus considers ecclesiastical to visit Char Dham in one's lifetime. These Dhams were defined by Adi Shankaracharya that it consists of three Baishnavite and one Shaivite pilgrimages. Many pilgrims opts for Chardham Tour offered by a wide range of tour and travel agencies.

  • The history behind these places are as bellow:
Badrinath became eminent in the Hindu mythology because Narnarayan, one of the personification of Lord Vishnu had done meditation in this place. At that moment the place was full of plum trees, and in the Sanskrit language Plums are called Badri. Therefore the spot where Naranarayan had done meditation named as Badrinath.

The history of the Rameshwaram is very old. In the Tetra-Yug before conquering Lanka, Lord Rama had built a Shivling to worship Lord Shihva. That is why the place named Rameshwaram meaning the God of Rama.

In the Dwapar Yug Lord Krishna another personification of Vishnu made Dwarka as his residence. That is why the place is preferred as a holy place.

The fourth spot is also denoted as one of the holy place in India as only this region worships Subhadra the sister of Lord Krishna along with her brothers.


As these dhams has a great impact over Hinduism, it is believed that whoever makes pilgrimage to these places all of their sins are forgotten by God. These days several Haridwar Travel Agents are facilitating Chardham Tours at affordable prices.